Level 1: Physics Foundation

real viagra online pharmacy Physics foundation is a beginners 2-day workshop to understand/unlearn the natural phenomenon: Newtonian Mechanics, Electricity, Magnetism, Light, Sound, Heat and Atomic Structure

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Level 2: Applied Math

Applied math is a 2 day workshop on fundamentals and applied math to understand/unlearn number systems, geometry, algebra, complex numbers, vectors, differential and integral calculus.


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Level 3: General and Special Relativity

This is a 1 day workshop on General & Special Theory of Relativity to understand/unlearn galilean transformation, Maxwells equation, Planck's Constant, Lorentz Transformation & Theory of Relativity

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Level 4: Quantum Mechanics

This is a 1 day workshop on Quantum Mechanics to understand/unlearn photoelectric effect, wave-particle duality and quantum behaviour

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Aatrral LearnerSpark

Our workshops are modelled around conceptual learning and subsequent unlearning. It is more important to ask the question "What it is not?". Just 6 days to "Science of Everything"

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The short duration workshops are designed for those who wish to understand the overall concepts in science and math.

Parents and Working professionals can attend this program to refresh the basics.

Youngsters from age group of 12 and above may utilize these workshops to get an overall perspective/approach to learn/unlearn the basic concepts in science.

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  • Observe, Measure, Validate and Apply Framework
  • What it is? and more importantly what it is not?

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Testimonials from students, parents and industry personnel


The workshops are offered in second week of every month.

Monday&Tuesday:            Level 1 - Physics Foundation 

Wednesday&Thursday:   Level 2 - Applied Math

Friday:                                 Level 3 - General & Special Relativity (from April 2018)

Saturday:                            Level 4 - Quantum Mechanics (from June 2018)

You are most welcome to attend the open house on every wednesday 19.00 hrs - 21 hrs to meet/interact with our educators, mentors and co-creation partners.

Please refer to our "upcoming events section" for forthcoming workshops.