Aatrral Academy was founded in May 2014.

Aatrral Vision

To Establish a Science Center and Research Institute in Coimbatore

Aatrral Mission

Phase 1: Establish a Happy Learning Environment for science
Phase 2: Establish a service telerobotics infrastructure
Phase 3: Invest into simple and innovative business or product ideas

Why did you embark on this journey?

"The journey is more important than the destination"

The flashback. You my go through a playlist of 8 videos (approx 30 mins) or my blog

Topics covered: The need, origin of the idea, value systems, culture, entrepreneurs and studentpreneurs


About Bala - K R Balathandapani
Bala is a MTech, mechanical engineering graduate (gold medal) having 20 years of industry experience and a couple of years in academics. He has worked with organizations in India and abroad. His interests are into service telerobotics and science history. He is got a few patents to his name in cloud computing, vehicle diagnostics and food processing.
Blog: http://openneuron.blogspot.in/




Technical Advisory Board
Aluminium Melting Furnaces – Mr Ezhil, Founder - Indofen  - Coimbatore
Audiology and Speech Therapy – Mrs Bhavani
Paint Technology – Mr Kuppusamy – GM -Titan Paints, Coimbatore
Optic Fibres – Mr Maria Anatha Raj -  OHI Telecom – Muscat
Food Adulteration – Mrs Latha – Latha’s Kitchen Studio, Coimbatore
Film Making – Mr Bala & Arvind – Founders – Mountain Reels Media, Coimbatore
Automotive Design - Mr Vivek - oversquare.in


Business Advisory Board
Electric Vehicles – Mr Bala Pachayappa – Ampere electric vehicles
Business Consultant – N Balajhi – Business Growth Consulting, Coimbatore
Entrepreneurship - Mr V Jagannathan - Bharath Bright Bars
Business & Investments - Mr G S Kannan - Aspen Gardens

Academic Advisory Board
Prof Kumaresan Muruganandham, Coimbatore
Dr Ilango Balakrishnan, Ex-VC Bharathiyar University

The team that made this happen. Supporters and Volunteers. Check our Diary for history

The team that made this happen

Good Wishes

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