Aatrral - Since August 2014
+ Establish a LearnerSpark for fundamental sciences
+ Establish a Service Telerobotics Infrastructure
+ Support for micro-ventures and grass root innovators


Meet the Team

Aatrral was been bootstrapped in May 2014 with assistance from friends and family members.

Special thanks to

  • Mr Balajhi Narayanasamy & Mr Kumaresh for their unstinted faith, support and encouragement from the formative days
  • Mr Kumaresan Muruganandham for his support from the early days
  • Mrs Sangeetha Subash and Family for offering us the space on a 6 month rental holiday and offering some valuable equipments for our Tinker Lab
  • Mr C Senthil for taking up the marketing activities in formative days
  • Mr Venkatesh and Family for helping us in forging initial partnerships
  • Mr Sivaprakash for offering the first 2 computers to start off with activities
  • Mr Veeramanikandan for hosting our website for free during the first 2 years
  • Mr Arul Selvan, Mr Babu, Mr Arunagiri and Mr Ashok for their investments in very early stages
  • Mr D Senthil & Dhanasekaran for sponsoring our innovator projects
  • Mr Guru Kann & Family - our first student and also the founder of Toy Clinic
  • Mr Mariselvam - Our first happypreneur and associated with us till date
  • Team Mango Education for collaborating with us to spin off "Innovators Lab - The Kids Makerspace"
  • Mrs Puvidham Meenakshi for encouraging and partnering with us through the journey
  • Mr G S Kannan for seeing us through the tough times. Unconditional support through out the journey.

Thanks to all the team members, parents and participants for the wishes and support.

A special thanks to the team of youngsters who made "KLIC" happen.