June 2017

– themango.co, coimbatore choose our Evolution Library, Tinker Lab and Fab Lab to offer “Young Innovator Program” and other technical workshops

– Our Creative Learning Program gains acceptance in Alternative, Mainstream and Home Schooling educational environments

– We announce our services micro-venture – Neat Homes – Home Cleaning Services

May 2017

– Aatrral is priviledged and happy be a partner institution with Puvidham Instititue of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Living 

– Paramveer Institutions dharmapuri adopts “Aatrral Creative Learning Method” to enable students to take up competitive exams.

Jan 2017

– Announcing Happy 30 program for Skillup and Startup

A word of appreciation from Mrs Meenakshi Umesh – Founder Puvidham

November 2016:

Aatrral Learnerspark consolidates its offerings:

– Creative Learning Workshop – 2 days – 6th to 9th – Science and Math.

– Appreciative Courses – Newtons Laws, Calculus and Relativity – 2 days

– Academic Courses – Engineering Mechanics and FEA – 9 days

October 2016:

Mr N. Viswanthan, Ammarun Foundries extends support to offer green products in freedomflowers.in

freedomflowers.in , an e-commerce portal launched exclusively for Students, Social Entrepreneurs and Green Products

Puvidham.in, A rural development trust in dharmapuri and Aatrral jointly offer “The Sylvan Retreat”

Inauguration of Winciety; the innovation lab at Victory Vidhyala within a span of 12 weeks

September 2016:

Aatrral Sarath conceptualizes and releases a short film on International Day of Peace, In Association with Victory Vidhyalaya School

August 2016:

Mountain Reels Media chooses Aatrral Mashines to conceptualize and Build a Camera Rig. We delivered our first product within 2 Weeks.

Aatrral Academy conducts a “Creative Learning” seesion in Muscat. First of our overseas Programs

June 2016:

Sarath Balajhi, A post graduate in precision engineering from NTU singapore comes in full time

Victory Vidhyalaya, Coimbatore chooses Aatrral Learnerspark to conceptualize and Implement “Innovation Lab”

May 2016:

Aatrral gets 2 years young by 14 May 2016.

Aatrral in media – Yourstory.com

Apr 2016:

        • The tag line for Aatrral Academy, “The temple of acceleration” comes to life. It is out of realization that “acceleration” is the core concept in science and we are also being an accelerator for startups. Temple signifies a place of worship and also the point of focus. We do not have a logo as yet.

You may view this article for the significance of acceleration and the newton apple story

Jan 2016:

        1. Aatrral launches Mastery Learning Institute of Physics

Oct 2015:

          1. Aattral SMILE Home School starts to offer Foundation programs on Physics.
            Mr Krish Bala and G Arvindan of Mountain reels Media (http://mountainreels.in/) offer a helping hand in promoting our activities

Aug 2015:

          1. We attracted first round of investment from members of CIT Alumni 1988-1992 Batch.

Jun 2015:

          1. Our first industrial prototype delivered to M/S Eureka textile instruments. An MCA student project of Mr Prathap, guided by Mr Rijo. This has also lead to 2 more machine vision projects for another established industry.
            Dr. Radhakrishnan – Psychologist – Founder Skitrac.org enters into an MoU with Aatrral Academy to offer their services in the area of life skills.
            Mr. M Kumaresan, an alumni of IIT Delhi, with around 30 years of experience, joins hands with Aatrral Academy.
            Aatrral Academy hosts AFS Coimbatore chapter to offer student exchange programs and international internships
            EQIP foundation, founded by eminent academicians like Dr Ilango Balakrishnan – Ex-VC Bharathiyar University and Dr Gurusamy (Ex-Prinicpal CIT), chooses Aatrral Academy as a technical partner for projects and research for its member institutions.

May 2015:

          1. Our first student (Arun Sakthi G – Aatrral Associate) project – A 3D printer – leads to a 2 days workshop for faculty at Dhanalakshmi College of Engineering Chennai.

Apr 2015:

          1. A morale booster. A 60 member team of accomplished teachers and students from uthiramerur school, kancheepuram district, visiting our science center

Mar 2015:

          1. Thamirabharani College of Engineering, Tirunelveli, adopting our “Experiment-Learn-Innovate” program

Feb 2015:

          1. Our Warranty Management Application prototype gets completed. The team is still working on a freelance model.

Jan 2015:

          1. Soft Launch of Toy Clinic – Founded by a 11th student Mr Guru Prasad.
            Conceptualization of SMILE (Science and Math Interactive Learning) Home School

Dec 2014:

          1. Visit to Japan for a week long Training at DENSO Wave – industrial robots division. Invited guest lectures at PSG Tech on “Creativity and Idea Generation”
            We also received a little more funds at this stage from our supporters and volunteers

Nov 2014:

          1. Reinforcement of belief in our path.Parents of one of our student offers a 1600 sq ft office space on a 6 month rental holiday. Aatrral Academy moves into new space. Second time lucky. We had an official inauguration with all our supporters.

          1. Aatek Robotics, chooses Aatrral Academy as its Training and Service partner for DENSO robots. Thanks to Pongalur Venkatesh.

Oct 2014:

          1. Ksir’s international school supports us as an early adopter of “Experiment-Learn-Innovate” model for a duration of 3 months

Aug 2014:

          1. An impact investor find us and helps us with seed fund. No questions asked. A helping hand at just the right moment. From nowhere to now here.

Jul 2014:

          1. A science expo jointly organized by Kalaivani College of technology and Aatrral Academy. A CSR initiative by Mr C Senthil

Jun 2014:

          1. Mr C Senthil comes on board as director marketing

May 2014:

          1. With lot of encouragement from friends (Notably Kumaresh and Ravi kumar), Setting out as an entrepreneur with the tag “Aatrral Academy”. Humble beginnings in a 600 sq ft office space.

          1. Mr N Balajhi of Business Growth Consulting has been a continuous source of encouragement and helped formalize the strategy


          1. Mr Bala pachayappa was the mentor during the initial stages of Aatrral Academy. It was under his guidance that we followed the bootstrap model, most apt for a community initiative like ours


          1. Formation of a “KLIC – science and innovation club” at Kalaivani College of Technology- for the students, by the students. This gave the confidence.


          1. The Eureka moment. The idea to do something in these lines. The concept of educational tourism – Learning, industry and Research – all in one place. We could only recall the famous quote from Mr Azim Premji – “If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals may be too small”


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