Hack School

What you want to become, when you grow up?
I want to be happy.

This says it all. The concept put forth by Logan Laplante in his TED talk. You may scroll to the end of this page for the TED video.

In fact, the inspiration also comes from Bhutan. The Gross National Happiness. When progress of countries are determined by their Gross Domestic Product – GDP, Bhutan has shown progress with GNH.

We at aatrral asked, can we have an organization centered around GOH. Gross Organizational Happiness; all our policies are centered around happiness.

Only a happiness centered organization can provide a happy learning environment. A testimonial from a student after attending our creative learning session at Muscat.

Aatrral Learnerspark, our education division, offers “Assistive Learning Spaces” for students adopting self-learning methods (home schoolers).

On the academic perspective we have comeup with an integrated curriculum comprising of fundamental sciences, engineering, technology and entrepreneurship. The following video gives a glimpse of our approach to learning.

We offer workshops  for parents, students( School, UG, PG) and also for teachers who wish to become facilitators.

Parents – Brahma Kaalam – 2 hr program
Students 5th to 8th – Creative Learning – 2 days
Students UG/PG – Think like an Inventor – Aim for a patent – 1 day
Teachers – Be a facilitator – 1 day

Apart from this, we also offer 1 day appreciative programs on fundamental sciences. Courses that are to be offered shortly are Newtons laws, Calculus and application, Theory of relativity…

Our infrastructure includes a book library, equipment library (Yantra Sastra) and Do It Yourself Lab.

You may refer to some of the participant testimonials from industry, students and parents.

Participant from industry – design engineer

Academic excellence.

We have partnered with puvidham.in a rural development trust to offer “The Sylvan Retreat”

We have also assisted Victory Vidhyalaya School, Coimbatore in setting up an innovation lab within a span of 12 weeks

We also made a video for UN International Day of Peace to inculcate values in our children

We have also come up with an e-commerce portal www.freedomflowers.in exclusive for students created products (we infact termed them studentpreneurs), social entrepreneurs and green products.

Our unique happypreneur (3 to 12 month) program for students to discover themselves.

Concept of Hackschool by Logan Laplante

An integral part of all our programs are “Creativity and Idea Generation” sessions. You may refer to the following link listing some of the ideas generated.

Creativity Lab and Ideas

We do offer outreach programs to encourage students and innovators.