Happy30 is our Startup/skillup program for those who intend to pursue science and engineering as their career.

Happy30 Explore: 3 months duration
Happy30 Startup: 1 to 3 years duration
Happy30 Skillup:   1 to 3 years duration




Across age groups. You may be in school, college or just completed a degree and looking at pursing a career or planning a startup.
This program is suitable for those who have not yet decided on their career path within science and engineering.
This program is suitable for those who intend to become entrepreneurs. If you have not yet identified a specific area to work on, you may register for Happy30 Explore program and then register for Startup Program.
You may wish to get employed in an engineering, technology or research area. If you have not yet identified a specific area to work on, you may register for Happy30 Explore program and then register for Skillup Program.
Depending on the choice of programs and your personal profile, every individual will have a personlized program structure. Since a career in science and engineering involves fundamental knowledge in science and math, you will be attending our Creative Learning and appreciative courses on Newtons Laws (Mandatory) and/or Calculus (Optional). Access to Fablab and Tinker Lab are provided for all participants. You will be encouraged and exposed to competitions, project expos, patent filing and Bootstrapping your ideas.
We believe in flexible timing options. You can choose your time of convenience. Our Working Hours. Interactive Sessions (Monday to Friday) 10.00 Hrs to 13.00 Hrs 17.00 Hrs to 21.00 Hrs. Fablab and Tinkerlab are available for use on all days. 10.00 Hrs to 21.00 Hrs. Creative Learning and Appreciative Courses may be scheduled on weekdays or weekends as appropriate. A minimum of 3 hrs of interactive session per participant is assused per week. Use of lab facilities depends on the participants requirement and there are no restrictions on number of hours.
You are entitled to use any of the equipments available in our lab. Consumables used, if any, will be charged based on Try-and-Buy Model. Incase of any damage or misuse when handling equipments, the charges incurred towards rectification or replacement is to be borne by the participant.
There are no age/educational qualification requirements. Admission to a program will be based on your profile, an interview and willingness to make an effort.
Fee waivers are offered for participants if their parents are involved in social work / entrepreneurship initiatives. To apply for a fee waiver, kindly send us a mail with details of social entrepreurship initiatives understaken by parent/self.
We do not assure or guarentee any placements. However, from our experience, most of our participants find a career opportunity based on the credentials built during the program.
A one time registration fee of INR 5000/- for all programs. A monthly fee of INR 2000/- for Happy30 Skillup/Startup from 4th Month onwards, Payable on a monthly basis.

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