Learning centers in and around coimbatore.

+ Natural Farming: Mr Thangavelu – 9842212412

Stay and learn natural/herbal farming


+ https://themango.co/  An after school foundation programs for school children

Young Astronomer Program: 6 months

Game Developer Program: 6 months


+ http://zooreach.org/

ZOO was founded in 1985 with funds and mandate from the then Department of Environment, Government of India, to provide technical and educational support for zoos, enhance the public image of zoos, and liaise between local, national, international interests for the benefit of Indian zoos. We also lobbied for organizations and legislation affecting zoos and animal welfare in zoos.


+ https://www.facebook.com/lathas.kitchenstudio/   

Workshops on cakes, south indian and north indian food: 1 day to 5 day workshops


+ https://piesl.wordpress.com/ Puvidham Institute of Entreprenuership and Sustainable Living

A 11 month residential program to experience and develop skills requisite for sustainable living. Aatrral is a technical resource partner with puvidham for this program on Human Powered Machines.

+ http://www.realworks.in/new/

For interships in the field of 3D animations/walkthroughs, Motion Capture and related projects using opensource tools