Facilities at Aatrral Innovators Lab – Makerspace for Kids.


Evolution Library:

A collection of books on varied topics. The focus is to collect and learn from books written by inventors

Tinker Lab:

Collection of old equipments like wall clocks, Casette players, gramaphone, two wheelers, electric bike, Vacuum Radio etc for learners to explore.

Toy Clinic:

A collection of Toys for children to play and explore the world of Toys. Children can also get their toys and get it repaired. To inentify and nurture youngsters to toy design and manufacturing, we have Toy Nurse, Toy Doctor, Toy Mechanic and Toy Doctor Programs.

Fab Lab:

3D printer, Arduino kits, Raspberry Kits, Hand tools, electronic components, RC Servo/Stepper Motors etc required for fabrication of DIY and prototyping of innovative products

Innovative Products and Prototypes