We have come up with the concept of mashineering (mashed engineering) based on our learning and research experience.

Intially it all started with making physical “learning kits” to aid visualization and experience mathematical and physics concepts in fundamental sciences.¬†The components were hacked from standard parts and products¬†available in the market.

From the engineering perspective, we started adopting and making DIY models like 3D printer.

We gradually evolved (mechanical and electrical) into making automation products for the industry. The same is getting extended to automation using electronics. This we named it as mashineering

– the concept of mashineering and its evolution

Your may also look at our product innovations and industry related research work


Books: We have an interesting collection of books spanning Science history, spirituality, Philosophy ..

Tools and components: Basic tools, servo motors, stepper motors, motor drives, power supply units and sensors are available at our lab which participants can use to learn.

Equipment Library: This is a unique offering where you get access to equipments. Explore and see how it works, try mashineering, may be try to repair them. You also get a feel of what is takes to recycle used products.




Graduate and post graduate students from engineering and arts disciplines may also utilizing this lab by applying for a membership with Aatrral. Contact Us for registration along with a statement of purpose. Only 10 members will be enrolled per year and membership is subject to availability of slots and interview with our expert panel.


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