Micro Ventures

Aatrral offers Assistive Workspaces for Bootstrap, startups and grass root innovators.

We belive in micro ventures that can take the idea to market within a span of 6 months with a max team size of 5 members.

Assistance Offered:

  • Shared work space
  • Mentoring
  • Technical and Product Consulting

Micro-Ventures update as of 15th June 2017


Vidyut Info Assistive Workspace

Aatrral collaborates with Vidyut Info Solutions Ltd, Chennai to provide

  • Assistive workspace in coimbatore
  • Offer Technical Consulting for Content Authoring, ecommerce and Mobile VAS

Aatrral—PIESL:  piesl.wordpress.com  & puvidham.in

+ PIESL offers a 11 month residential program on entrepreneurship and Sustainable Living.

+ Aatrral as a resource partner will provide mentoring and technical training in the areas of “Human Powered Machines” & “Miniature process equipment's”

+ Funding Status:  Require Seed Funding to support Entrepreneurs


Aatrral—Mango Education:  themango.co

+ Mango Ed offers after-school foundation program for kids on Science & Technology

+ We jointly offer “Young Innovator Program” aimed at home schoolers and kids who love learn by doing

+ Aatrral and Mango Education enter into an agreement to utilize Aatrral’s Tinker Lab, Fab Lab, Evolution Library and Demo Material as a Learning and Makerspace Environment.

+ Funding Status: Secured and Sustainable


Aatrral—KYIA: In-house Product

+ A Gap Analysis tool for School Students and Evaluation tool for Schools, Colleges and Universities

+ Partners: Seeking Commercialization Partners.

+  Funding Status: Seed Funding Secured. Product in Beta Stage.


Aatrral—FreedomFlowers.in: In-house Product

+ An exclusive sales portal for studentpreneurs,  green products and social entrepreneurs

+ Funding Status: Secured and Portal is operational


Aatrral  - Neat Homes—Home Cleaning Services in Coimbatore

+ Incubated at Aatrral

+ Services Announced

+ Funding Status: Partially Funded. Seeking Investors.