NexTech is our R&D division. We are engaged in need based and fundamental research. we would also welcome adhoc research..

Currently we are in the process of creating 2 products.

  • KYIA – Know Your Improvement Areas – An assistive learning framework
  • Modular DIY kit to create learning models and kits

Some of our past research efforts

1. Vehicle Overload Detector

A sensor that can be used in vehicles to detect overload conditions .

A patent pending product and has been on pudhiya thalaimurai TV

Status: Proof of concept completed. To take it for commercialization.

2. A 2D/3D profile generating attachment for food processing industry

We have just filed for a patent and more details of this will be made available

Status: Partial prototype completed. Yet to make a working model.

3. Machine vision integrated robotics

An MCA graduate, builds a 2 axis robot, combined with machine vision; Learning beyond boundaries.

2-axis bot

2-axis bot


4. Yarn Nep tester using machine vision

Prototype completed and delivered to customer

We are looking for industry partners and investors for commercializing these products. Contact Us for more details.


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